Nicholas Scott-Burt


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Minimalis Project:


A long term project begun in 2016, to compose (perhaps) eight interconnected works, each of which may stand alone as a complete entity, but which as a sequence (the order of which may be flexible) creates a cohesive whole.


Each piece is derived from quasi-minimalist techniques of repetition and micro-variation, this becoming the fabric of works which are robustly symphonic in their structure, rigorously proportioned and architected.


Each is envisaged as a solo or chamber piece. Minimalis I for solo piano was composed in 2016, initially as an experiment in the structural techniques. A Mikrokonzert for piano and eight instruments (Minimalis II) followed, and recently completed (June 2017) is Minimalis III, a Concerto for Flute & Harp and seven instruments, composed for flautist Lisa Nelsen and harpist Eleanor Turner.


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A New Piece for the City of Coventry Band


STEAM! Just completed (and delivered!) is this entertaining foray into the world of steam trains. Plans are underway for a premiere at the Pershore Band Festival in July 2018.


Despite having been taught composition by two of the great exponents of modern band music,  the late Derek Bourgeois and John Pickard, this is NSB's first piece for the medium. Click the arrow for a CG clip...

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