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A Little Bach Sonata in G

for Violin and Piano

Composed originally in 2004, and revised substantially in 2009: I imagined a process in art, whereby, for example, an artist might take a print
of a well-known masterpiece (let's say the Mona Lisa), and snip it into tiny fragments, from which a mosaic or a collage might then be formed, which eventually will closely resemble the original in proportion and shape and mood.

There is no "real Bach" in this piece, at least not intentionally, but all the material has something of a generic Bach flavour, each of its instantly
recognisable elements, however, presented in often unfamiliar contexts.


The result is interesting, and (one hopes) might be strangely beautiful!

In this YouTube video you can hear the sonata played by Cathy Scott-Burt (violin) and NSB piano, with an animation by Crista Schott-Bulon.


JSB pic.jpg
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