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Minimalis I

for solo piano

Composed in 2016 - Minimalis 1 was initially a structural experiment, whereby minimalist techniques of repetition and micro-variation are applied to single-movement structures of robust and rigorously proportioned quasi-symphonic architecture.

Minimalis I is the first of a projected sequence of (possibly) eight works (four written to date) for various solo instruments, voices, and chamber combinations. Each is conceived as a stand-alone entity, but also as part of a cohesive sequence of music, the order of which may be flexible.

The minimalist techniques become no more than incidental to the overall structural character of the music rather than its driving force.


This 13-minute piece paved the way for the Mikrokonzert (Minimalis 2), the Flute and Harp Concerto (Minimalis 3) and the Air et Danse avec Doubles (Minimalis 4).

Sample Score




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