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Complete list, 1980-2021

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Nativity Dances, small orchestra, 1998 rev 2020

Passion Dances, chamber orchestra, 2000, rev 2018

Uppingham Festival March, Symphony Orchestra 2003

Flight, Symphony Orchestra, 2003

SpookySymphony Orchestra, 2004

Spirit of the Age Symphony Orchestra, 2008

Steam! Symphony Orchestra, 2009

Asteroid! Symphony Orchestra 2010

Panegyric Symphony Orchestra 2012


Rutland Concerto, Organ and small orchestra, 2005

Violin Concerto, Violin and Symphony Orchestra, 2008-2011

Desiderata Dances, Piano and Strings, 2014

Dances in Miniature, Alto Sax and Strings, 2020


String Quartet no 1, 1983

String Quartet no 2, 1987

DayStar, Brass quintet, 1994

Trio en Chocolat, Vln, vcl, pf, 2015

Due  Dui, Vln, Vcl, 2020


Chamber Symphony, fl (picc), ob, clt(bass), bsn, Hn,Tp,Trb, 2 perc, pf, 2vn, vla, 2vcl, DB. 1986

E'vn Eternity, 2 Tpt, 3 Trb, Str 4tet, Tmp, org, 2008

Concerto for Flute and Harp, + clt, hn, 1 perc, 2 vln, vcl, DB. 2017

Mikrokonzert, solo pf, ob (Cor), clt (bass), tpt, trb, 1 perc, vln, vcl, DB. 2016


Missa Brevis, Sop, Bar, ssatb, 2222.2200.tmp.hp.str 1984

Pastorale, Sop, Bar, satb, 2222.2200.tmp.hp.str 1986

Dancing Day, satb, pf duet, 2 perc, str. 1992

Magnificat, Sop, Mezzo, Ten, satb, 1111.1100.perc, hp,str 1996, rev 2018.

Laudate, satb, 3333.4331.tmp+2, str 1999

Missa Canonica, satb, str. 2010

Te Deum, Sop, Mezzo, satb, ob, tpt, strgs. 2022


Gallantries, ssatb a cappella, 1985

Sundry Sonnets to Divers Merry Notes of Music, ssaa, pf, fl+vcl ad lib 1991

Music from The Tempest, CT, satb, fl, vln, pf, DB 2011.


Christmas Cantata, ssa, org 1981

Sleep, Silent, Tender satb a cappella 1981 

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C,  satb, org 1982

Sweet was the Song the Virgin Sang, saatb a cappella,  1984

Five seasonal introits, satb a cappella, 1985

The Pearl,  sa, org, 1991

Mass for Eight Voices, ssaattbb, 1991

Anniversary Te Deum, unis (treble) voices, org (or org, brass 5tet, 2perc) 1992

Cantate Domino, ss, org, 1992

Jubilate Deo, ss, org, 1992

To be a Pilgrim, satb, org 1995

Lord of the Worlds Above,  satb, org, 1995

An Angelic Blessing, satb, org, 1996

King of Glory, King of Peace,  satb, org, 1998

Come Holy Ghost, satb a cappella, 2003

St Andrew Responses, satb a cappella, 2003

Good Friday Reproaches, satbsatb, 2004

Officium Minimalis (Evening Canticles) satb div, org, 2004

Advent responsory, satbsatb, 2006

"Superferial" Responses, satb div,2013

Lyric Motets,   satb div, 2004-08

Mary's Little baby, satb, org, 2008

Angels from the Realms of Glory, satb, org, 2008

Christmas Night in Blue, Sop or Bar, satb, pf, opt str 4tet,opt DB.

Jacob Awakened, ssaattbb, 2012

The Prince of Peace, satb, children's choir, org, 2011 rev 2018

There is no Rose,  satb, pf, 2012

St John Responses,  ss a cappella, 2015

A Short Mass on the Veni Creator, sop, satb a cappella, 2018

Canticle of the Sun and Moon, satb, org, 2019

The Lord Shall Arise, satb, solo vln, 2009


Two Processional Fanfares, 1980

Sonata for organ, 1980

Festal March, 1981

Magnificat of bells, 1987

Toccata on the Birthday of James and Emily, + opt. solo vcl, 1992

Polyphonies in Silver, 1992

Laudate, 1993

Sonata en Tableaux, 2005

Carillon, 2006

Fantasia on the name of Handel, 2007

Joyful Promenade, 2008

Jazz Diptych, 2010

Paraphrases,  2013


Six Piano Miniatures, 1981 

Sonata for 2 pianos, (4 hands, 2 pf) 1981

Four Preludes and a Memory, (last mvt 4 hands 1 pf) 1987

Minimalisms, 1998

cummings preludes, 2004 

Reindeer Variations, 2005

Emociones tangibles, 2006

Johann Sebastian Cat, 2011

Attitude! 2013

A Little Jazz Piano Sonata in C, 2016

Minimalis 1, 2016

Love Song, 2016

Twenty Four Preludes for Piano, 2019-20

Debussy in Pieces, 4 hands 1 pf, 2019

The King and the Magic Choir, + narrator, 2002

Variazioni de Compleanno, 2020


Variations Towards a Sarabande, clt, pf, 1986

Clarinet Miniatures, clt, pf 2000

Sonata Minimalis, fl, pf, 1999

Rosewood Sonata, Treb Rec, Pf, 2000

Cello Sonata, vcl, pf, 1989 rev 2019

Sonatina for violin and piano, vln, pf, 1980

A Little Bach Sonata in G, vln, pf, 2004

Elegy, vln, pf, 2007

Two Little Cats, vln, pf, 2010

Betsy, vln, pf, 2013


Air et danse avec Doubles, solo fl, 2020


Rhapsody on a Windy Night, male voice, solo vla, 1981

Songs of Love and Friendship, voice, pf, 2000

Mary's Song, 2 pt (children's) voices, kbd or backing track, 2010

This Great Work, unis (children's) voices, kbd or backing track, 2010

Simeon's Song, 2 pt (children's) voices, kbd, 2015

Voicing Concerns, satb solo voices a cappella, 2020

Five Days Off, voice, pf, 2022


David and Goliath, children's musical, 1992

William Tell,  children's musical, 1993

The Prince and the Tomboy,  children's musical, 1994

Androcles and the Lion,  children's musical, 1995

Music for The Tempest, voices with pre-recorded electronic score

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